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MISSING IN ACTION: The Women Behind Television's Golden Age.  A documentary by Molly Sackler and Jason Wulkowicz. Image of a woman in a skirt standing in TV studio.
"Missing in Action" is the untold story of the unsung women who helped to invent television in post-war New York. They were television's first directors, producers, writers, and PAs; but no one knows who they are today. This documentary turns the spotlight on these behind-the-scenes pioneers, toppling stale ideas of 1950’s Woman and of Television’s Golden Age.
The Women Behind the Scenes Get Involved
Mary Ahern
Marion Dougherty
Casting Director
Lela Swift
Ellen M. Violett
And many more >

This documentary is made possible in part by
the Women In Film Foundation and contributions from individuals.
  Work in Progress Screening
The Athena Film Festival: A Celebration of Women and Leadership previewed a short work in progress cut of Missing in Action. More >

Behind the Scenes No More
Marion Dougherty, the late great casting director and Missing In Action subject, gets the star treatment in Tom Donahue’'s documentary Casting By on HBO. More >

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