> Mary Ahern
    > Annette Bachner
    > Barbara Claman
    > Judy Crichton
    > Marion Dougherty
    > Phyllis Adams Jenkins
    > Rhoda Mann-Winkler
    > Virginia Raymond
    > Lynn Sackler
    > Barbara Schultz
    > Lela Swift
    > Ellen M. Violett

News and Events News and Events


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Check here for news about Missing in Action and notable women from behind-the-scenes of early television.

> Work In Progress Screening at 2013 Athena Film Festival

> Expressions of Interest and Support

> Missing In Action Takes a Spot at the 25th IFP Market

> Ethel Winant, First Woman to Become a Television
    Network Executive, Dies at 81

> Missing In Action Wins Women in Film Grant

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