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At the end of September Molly and Jason spent an amazing week at the Independent Feature Project (IFP) Market in NYC. During the Market they screened a sample of Missing in Action at the Angelica Cinema and pitched the project to great response.

Lynn Sackler, Molly's mother and one of the film's subjects, showed up at the screening incognito. Above, mother and daughter stand in front of the fabulous new Missing in Action poster, designed by Robin Rosenthal.

The IFP Market brings together selected filmmakers from across the country with agents, financiers, distributors, programmers, broadcasters, suppliers, and others in the industry. It's the only market in the U.S. where independent filmmakers can present new film and television work-in-development directly to the film industry. For the film industry, it's a crucial occasion to see and meet fresh talent and a place to discover new films before they go on the film festival circuit.

Gary Crowdus, President of Distribution at The Cinema Guild, was particularly enthusiastic after our IFP screening and immediately sent us a letter expressing serious interest in Missing in Action.

"I'm writing to let you know how very much we enjoyed the work-in-progress....You've clearly done some serious research on the project, including filming some marvelous interviews, which at long last shed light on the unsung women who pioneered in behind-the-scenes creative roles during TV's 'golden age.' Missing in Action is thus sure to become an important corrective to the more traditional histories of the early years of television in America. In our professional estimation, your film should have excellent distribution potential in a number of key markets..."

This ringing endorsement is, of course, thrilling for us and important for Missing in Action. For thirty years, The Cinema Guild has been one of America's leading distributors of documentary and fiction films.

For more information about the IFP Market go to market.ifp.org/market25.

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