> Mary Ahern
    > Annette Bachner
    > Barbara Claman
    > Judy Crichton
    > Marion Dougherty
    > Phyllis Adams Jenkins
    > Rhoda Mann-Winkler
    > Virginia Raymond
    > Lynn Sackler
    > Barbara Schultz
    > Lela Swift
    > Ellen M. Violett

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We rely on contributions to make this project possible. To complete the documentary we are seeking donations of any size to offset the costs of editing, archival footage, music, professional fees, and a myriad of additional expenses. Among our most pressing financial needs are meeting the exorbitant costs of licensing so that we can include rarely seen footage from the early New York television shows.

Your donation helps us complete this documentary, and it also helps to preserve history. We are delighted to have developed a strong relationship with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and have agreed to donate our invaluable interview footage to their Archive of American Television so that these women’s important stories will become a permanent part of the historical record. The interviews will be available and accessible forever. In an in-kind exchange for our efforts, the Academy is providing us with videotaped interviews of women they already have in their Archive.

Contact us at info@WomenBehindTV.com

Please sign-up for our e-mail newsletter whether you are donating, or simply want to stay informed about our progress.

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